Sax set ups, Tone and Altissimo Notes 

There are three questions that I get all the time.

1. What is your saxophone set up?

2. How do you get your tone?

3. How do you hit those high notes?

My goal is to answer these questions as best as possible!

Set ups: I have played on all different kinds of set ups, but I don't consider myself an expert on the the "Set Up" subject. My current alto set up is what I always wanted, a Yamaha CustomZ Black with a no name gold #7 mouthpiece I picked up from e-bay (see attached for pictures). I use the stock…

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Thank God for what didn't happen!!! 

I am recovering after dropping a $3,500 horn on the concrete! The good news is the damage was minimal. In over 24 years of playing, this makes only my second time dropping a saxophone This event got me to thinking. How many day to day routines do we do without incident? Why does it take tragedy or loss to make us appreciate what we have??? Here's a thought, why not take time to thank God for the things that didn't happen? I know all my internet friends are grateful. I know you all thank God daily for…

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My saxophone set up 

The most common question I get from YouTube viewers is "What's your sax set up"? I currently play a Yamaha 82 CustomZ Black alto. I have been switching between a Beechler custom bellite #7 and a no name mouthpiece I purchased from ebay. I play #2.5 Plasticover reeds Here's what I have discovered. If you have played for more than 5 years, more than likely you have developed "your sound". That being said, you can changed set ups, but it won't change "your sound"! There will be some changes, but your…

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