Jermaine Mondaine "Don't Let the Moment Pass You By"

As many of you already know, I have been working on a new recording project entitled, Don't Let the Moment Pass You By for the last few years.  I am excited to announce, we have finished the CD!  You can purchase it here.  Don't Let the Moment Pass You By is a blend of Inspirational Jazz, Gospel and Smooth Jazz. It is a great representation of who I am musically.  It features some of the industry's top musicians and producers such as: Jonathan DuBose Jr., Paul Jackson Jr., Jeremy Thomas, Carlton Whitfield, Brad Henderson, Tim Waters and more! The main producer for the project is an upcoming superstar in the making (and I'm not joking when I say that) named Michael Fields Jr.!  I am extremely proud of what has been created on this project!

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Order "Don't Let the Moment Pass You By" via digital download.  You don't have to wait in line for the CD.  Purchase it now, and get it now! 

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"Don't Let the Moment Pass You By" CD



$15 Don't Let the Moment Pass You By CD

Order my new CD, "Don't Let the Moment Pass You By", and if you would like, I will send you a signed copy with a personal thank you from me to you!  Please don't forget to give me a valid mailing address and let me know who the personal thank you needs to be addressed to!

Thanks in advance!

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