My saxophone set up

The most common question I get from YouTube viewers is "What's your sax set up"? I currently play a Yamaha 82 CustomZ Black alto. I have been switching between a Beechler custom bellite #7 and a no name mouthpiece I purchased from ebay. I play #2.5 Plasticover reeds. Here's what I have discovered. If you have played for more than 5 years, more than likely you have developed "your sound". That being said, you can changed set ups, but it won't change "your sound"! There will be some changes, but your overall sound won't change! If you don't believe me, go through my YouTube videos. There are videos of me playing my beginner model Vito with a Berg Larsen mouthpiece, me playing a 60's model Yanigasawa with a Belmonte metal mouthpiece, and of course the set up I mentioned earlier. There are more than 4 different set ups represented in my YouTube videos, yet what you will notice is there is not much difference in what you hear. So the next time you find yourself obsessing over trying to achieve sounding like someone else, remember changing your sound is not as easy as it sounds!!! Be blessed, Jermaine

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