Thank God for what didn't happen!!!

I am recovering after dropping a $3,500 horn on the concrete! The good news is the damage was minimal. In over 24 years of playing, this makes only my second time dropping a saxophone. This event got me to thinking. How many day to day routines do we do without incident? Why does it take tragedy or loss to make us appreciate what we have??? Here's a thought, why not take time to thank God for the things that didn't happen? I know all my internet friends are grateful. I know you all thank God daily for everything he's done (and yes, there is a touch of sarcasm in this last sentence). But what about the things that didn't happen? What about the accident that didn't happen? What about the sickness you didn't get? You see where I'm going with this! After everyone left church today, I found myself playing and worshipping God. Just me and my dropped horn(lol!). I began to thank God for the thousands of times I have taken my horns out and played them without dropping them rather than crying over the 2 times I did. In a time of so much loss and devastation in the world, it is vital to remember God is still in control, and still worthy of praise!!!

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